What is Home Buyer Marketing?  How does it work?  What services do they offer?  Do you still offer the Homes for Heroes Program?

What is Home Buyer Marketing (HBM)?  HBM is a national real estate company that has over 5,000 agents and has helped over 3,000,000 buyers find their dream home across the county.  Many of our clients are framilier with HBM because they use their mobile app to search for homes or recieve sold home alerts. 

How does HBM work? The HBM home search tool that can be accessed from smart phones or from a web browser is the most advanced home search tool that is available.  Unlike many other home search sites, HBM's technology only gives you the active listings on the market.  If you have searched using other technology you know this will save you lots of frustration when you find the perfect home to find out it has an offer, has sold already, or has never been on the market. 

What servies do they offer?  We offer the same service as other real estate companies, but what makes us stand out from the rest is our quality and dedication to our clients, advanced home search technology, and our national referral program.  With the structure and size of HBM we can offer a broader range of services to our clients to better serve them.  One example is we one of a few Full Service real estate companies that also offer clients the option of For Sale by Owner. 

Do you still have the Homes for Heroes Program?  We do!!   We wouldn't have it any other way.  In fact HBM is very supported of the program and believes in giving back to our local heroes as much as we do.   The program gives discounts to police officers, firefighters, medical professionals, teachers, and military members when they buy or sell a home.   Fore more information visit: www.wiheroes.com

We mentioned a lot of things about buyers, but our sellers will benefit greatly from our move as well.  With our new website your listing will featured not only here, but on HBM as well!  The new structure and flexibility of HBM allows us to do more marketing specifically for your property!  

You have made it this far...  Don't forget to register on our website and we will enter you in for a chance to win a $25 Target gift card.  Share our page on your social account and we'll double your chances to win!    If you are buying or selling in the near future we are offering a FREE Home Warranty for 1 year to all of our clients.