Are you a Police Officer, Firefighter, Teacher, Medical Professional, or Military veteran?  If so the Homes for Heroes Program can help you save money both when you buy and sell a home.  As a military veteran, I have seen and heard of lots of programs that “benefit” military members when in fact they are business strategies to get the military members business.  The Homes for Heroes Program was founded not as a “business strategy”, but as a way to give back and say thank you to Heroes who serve our community and our nation.  

What does the program do for you? 

Realtor Rebates – You get 25 percent of the Realtors ® gross commission back in the form of a rebate at closing.  This helps to pay for your closing costs or pre-paid items.

Mortgage Discounts - Over $750 in mortgage lender discounts. 

Home Inspection - $75-$125 off your home inspection when you purchase a home

Title Fees - $75 dollars off Title Fees

5 Percent Charity – For every Homes for Heroes transaction we close, we donate 5 percent to the Homes for Heroes Charity to help Heroes in need of financial assistance or that need modifications to their homes. 

One of our most common questions is if the program has any restrictions and what types of homes are included.   The program applies to all homes with no minimum purchase amount!  The only “restriction” is that not all Realtors ®, Lenders, Title Companies, and Home Inspectors that are a part of the program.  To get the rewards you have to use a Homes for Heroes Affiliate. 

When you combine all of the rebates and discounts, on average a Hero is going to save over $2500.  The exact amount saved will vary with purchase amount because the Realtor rebate is based off a percentage. 

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