7 days ago, we started several campaigns on social media to “Like” or “Share” our post to spread the word about the Homes for Heroes Program and how Police Officers Firefighters, Teachers, Medical Professionals, and military members can save thousands when they buy or sell a home (www.wiheroes.com).  Today we did a random drawing and selected a winner.  After the winner was selected, I went to their profile to notify them they won…. 

Before I could send a message a little boy caught my attention.  The boys head was wrapped with gauze and several tubes were connected to him along with a long post and a Go Fund Me page.  I read the long post which stated he would be in the hospital for 3 more weeks, not be able to attend school this fall, and that this was his 32nd surgery! 

In addition to giving the $100.00 Target Gift, we are also giving $100.00 to the “Maxx & Family” GoFundMe Page.  

We hope you have a fast and speedy recovery!


John Reuter

Home Buyers Marketing II Inc.

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