What is Homes for Heroes? Who Qualifies? How much will you save? Who is your local affiliate?

Homes for Heroes - The Homes for Heroes Program was started after 9/11 by a group of real estate professionals who wanted to give back to local Heroes.  Since the program was started in 2001, Homes for Heroes has become the Nation’s largest Hero savings program and has saved Heroes across the country more than 27 million dollars!  

Let’s talk about these savings!

So, how do you save? 


-          You receive a rebate check from us, your Homes for Heroes Realtor® (Rebate is = .7% of transaction amount.  On $250,000 home rebate would be $1750)

-          5% of the commission is donated to Homes for Heroes Foundation

-          The Reuter Team provides all clients with a 1 Year Home Warranty ($450.00)


-          You we have negotiated discounts with mortgage lenders, home inspectors, radon mitigation companies and title companies.  This adds an additional savings of $1000 or more


-          25% Reduced Listing Fee from The Reuter Team

-          5% of the commission is donated to Homes for Heroes Foundation

-          The Reuter Team provides all clients with a 1 Year Home Warranty ($450.00)

-          Discounts from home inspectors, radon mitigation companies and title companies

Sounds good right?   Contact us or read below for more information about us! 

Your Local Affiliate – Hey!  That’s us!  My name is John Reuter and I am the Team Leader for  The Reuter Team and your local Homes for Heroes affiliate.  When my wife and I got into real estate we didn’t want to be ‘just another Realtor’, we wanted to provide superior service to clients and find a way that we could give back or do something different.  Being in the Air National Guard I thought it would be cool to find a program that gives back to military.  I researched a few different programs and found Homes for Heroes, Navy Federal, USAA, and Veteran’s United.  Instantly I started falling in love with Homes for Heroes.  Not only did they give back to the Military, but to Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Teachers, and Medical Professionals as well.  PLUS they had a non-profit to help Heroes out with financial assistance or home modifications.  Growing up I wanted to be a police officer, I was a volunteer with the Sun Prairie Fire Department, I’m in the Air Force, and we have family who are teachers. Sounded too good to be true.  I am a research type of guy. I needed to do research.  After doing a few days of research comparing the different programs, their incentives, company mission/vision statements it was confirmed.  Homes for Heroes is not only the BEST, but gives back the most to Heroes with no strings attached.  

Since joining Homes for Heroes in 2015 we have helped our local Heroes save over $225,000 and have become the top Homes for Heroes Realtor® in Wisconsin.

If you are a Hero, THANK YOU!!   We truly do appreciate everything that you do for our community, our nation, and the sacrifices your families make for us every day.   

John Reuter/The Reuter Team can be reached at:

608-669-4226 (Cell)

608-834-3341 (Direct Line)